Raisin' Havok

1. 5/29/21

Barton VT truck pull 6800 street gas class. A class 2nd B class 2nd.

2. 6/5/21

Goshen Stampede 3rd

3. 7/3/21

Barton VT


4. 7/17/21

Pull for a Cure

​6500 street gas 1st HAVOK

7000 street gas 1st HAVOK

​3rd with Patriot

Please take a minute and follow the link i provided to read about this amazing young ladies dream of playing football! It is truly inspiring. We are honored to be part of her amazing journey.

Newest Addition to the Team!

​             Nissan Juke RS

Team Venom Racing

2021 Race Results

​          World drag records set!

We are proud to announce that Venom and Black Widow are the Fastest Nissan Titan's in the world!!! Stay tuned for even faster times ahead!  

Family Race Team​ 

The newest build, #FROSTBITE, is our 2014 Nissan JUke Nismo RS.

We are working to push this car into the top spot for fastest juke on the planet! THis is not going to be easy but we feel we have a chance to prove what we are capable of. 

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ATPA  Truck Pull Champion ( Venom and Black Widow )

VTPA   Truck Pull Champion ( Venom and Black Widow )

Venom  World records 

Fastest  Nissan Titan 1/4 Mile NA​  

Fastest  Nissan Titan 1/8 Mile NA

Fastest  Nissan Titan  1/8 Mile Period

Fastest  Nissan Titan  1/4 Mile Period

Black Widow

Fastest Nissan Titan XD Diesel 1/8 Mile

​Fastest Nissan Titan XD Diesel 1/4 Mile

​2014  and 2018

LGWC Ice Drag Champion V8 and Open class

​Cancer awareness drives us!